Concerts by Berklee València in November

Palau de les Arts and Bancaja Foundation

Did you know that Valencia is fortunate to be the European headquarters of Berklee, the best music school in the world? If you visit the city in November this year, you'll be lucky too, because three special concerts at the Palau de les Arts and the Bancaja Foundation will give you the chance to see the students in action - don't miss the opportunity.

Berklee a Les Arts: Contemporary Bouffe, November, 14

An evening of music and spoken word with compositions inspired by the work Les Mamelles de Tiresias (premiered on 16 November at Les Arts). Free concert. Click here for more information.

Concert at the Foundation, Global Jazz Night, November, 15

The Berklee Campus students take part in the Bancaja Foundation's concert series with a programme that includes different styles. Tickets cost 2€. Click here for more information.

Berklee a Les Arts: DISCOVER-I, November, 30

An innovative musical and audiovisual show, inspired by Verdi's opera Nabucco, which will premiere at Les Arts on 2 December. Free admission. Click here for more information.

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Dates and times: 
From 14-11-2019To 15-11-2019
From 30-11-2019To 30-11-2019

Les Arts: Free admission

Bancaja Foundation: 2€