Christmas is the best show in town


Large productions, ballets, orchestral concerts and operas promise to make the city an epicentre for art and music at Christmas.

A tribute to the Spanish band Mecano will fill the stage of the Palacio de Congresos on 28 December with the tour of the Daughter of the Moon. If you like musicals, the Teatro Olympia will host El Guardaespaldas (The Bodyguard) from 13 December to 12 January, with a special New Year's Eve performance including a cotillion, champagne and the twelve grapes for 2020. For dance lovers, the Georgia National Ballet will be at the Conference Center, playing the Nutcracker on December 26 and 27.

Game of Thrones fans and music lovers will love the concert of the Royal Film Concert Orchestra of the Fundación Excelentia on December 29 at the Palacio de Congresos. Music from the popular TV series and other epic film soundtracks will be played by an orchestra of over 90 musicians.... More film music? Also at the Palacio de Congresos on 3 and 4 January, the Simphony Orchestra will be staging Back to the Future, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more.

The great voices of black music come to the Teatro Olympia with a renewed proposal to make the audience vibrate with their mixture of vitality and spirituality, spiced with the rhythms of funk and blues. It will be on 30 December with the Alabama Gospel Choir.

If you want to experience a true flamenco festival, you can buy tickets for the Farrucos y Fernández show on December 16th. Folk songs, bulerías, tangos, tambourines and other instruments in the hands of a family with a great flamenco tradition that is ready to bring you the enjoyment of the Zambomba, a festival that has its origins in 18th century Jerez, when its neighbours sang Christmas songs around a campfire in the days before Christmas.... and enjoyed a bottle of aniseed.

Flamenco will also play the leading role in the Teatro Talia with Zambomba Navideña on 17 December. Do not miss the 'Sabor del Sur' choir, the master of guitar Juan d ePilar, the singing of Tomás de los Cariños and the `cajón' of 'El Piraña'.... Do you fancy more Flamenco? Diego el Cigala opens on 21 December the first cycle of the Palau de les Arts, dedicated to this genre, and Sala Girasol offers live guitar concerts every Thursday. From Thursday to Saturday you can also enjoy the best humour monologues in the Sala Girasol. And on Sundays, the best fortune teller art of Javier Botias.

The students of the Berklee Music School perform four concerts with the teachers of the school, who share their music and talent with the audience. Each day will include a journey through different musical styles: the energy of groove and Latin jazz, the richness of Mediterranean music, the harmonious beauty of jazz, the musical fusion or the charm of pop. They will take place on 9, 10, 16 and 17 December at Sala El Loco under the motto Sinestesia.


And the music continues every Thursday and Friday during the Christmas season in Café Mercedes, in the charismatic Ruzafa district. Originally a jazz club, the restaurant also offers concerts of other related styles. You can find the programme here. The Sala Matisse is also a good plan for music lovers. Take a look at all the concerts planned for the Christmas holidays: Jazz, salsa, black music and family shows.


Events for the whole family

The classic Alice in Wonderland will experience its musical version at el Teatro Olympia on 23 and 26 December and on 2 and 6 January. And a complete reinterpretation of Carroll's work, including music, with Alice in Wonderland will be performed at Sala Russafa from 19 December to 6 January. The show aims to take a look at our time in the form of farce, humour and metaphor. A young woman trying to start her career finds herself in a strange, hostile, caricatured world where nothing is as it seems. Or maybe it's just the reflection on the other side of the mirror. A place full of strange creatures, people, animals, rulers, situations.... and the music that has accompanied an entire generation (Stones, Lou Reed, E.L.O., Abba, Prephab Sprout or The Police). A tribute to Carroll and to those who still want to dream despite the bad times.

Five young illusionists will perform at the Teatro Talia to show the most amazing tricks. From 23 December to 3 January, with the Magical Christmas cycle.


And five other lyrical singers are the protagonists of The Opera Locos, a comedy show in which the great hits of the opera merge with other musical styles in the most original way. With a singular staging, careful aesthetics and Yllana's sense for comedy, The Opera Locos manage to create a new and different experience when it comes to experiencing opera and, above all, bringing it closer to all audiences in a fresh, unusual and fun way. From 26 December to 5 January at the Palau de les Arts.

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