CES Valencia Tour, the 2019 equestrian tournament in Valencia

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In 2019, Valencia will become the epicenter of equestrianism with the two international tournaments held at CES Valencia.

Over two different competition rounds, one in spring and the other in autumn, riders from all over the world come to the CES equestrian facilities, a leading centre in the world of show jumping. The CES, just 14 kilometres from Valencia, has three competition arenas as well as practice areas and a flat training area, together with several longeing tracks. All the sand areas were built by Klaus Dammann.

The dates of the tournaments are:

-Spring Tour: 5-24/2/2019, 12-31/03/2019 and 9-21/04/2019

-Autumn Tour: 1-13/10/2019 and 21/10-10/11/2019

Registrations can be done here. The tour will have a leisure program centred around culture, gastronomy, wine tourism and sports organized by Tripula

Entrance as a spectator to all the events at the tournament will be free.

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Dates and times: 
From 05-02-2019To 10-11-2019