Music for all: find the best free concerts in Valencia

Public date: 
Thursday 17 May 2018

Music runs in the blood of Valencian people. It is obvious from the sheer number of Valencians – Young and old – who belong to a band or musical association, and their passion when they play. Also from the size of the crowds in the many concerts the city hosts. Valencia is synonymous with music and the best thing is that anybody and everybody has access to it, thanks to its excellent programme of free concerts.

If you needed further proof of what music means to Valencians, come to the Mestalla Stadium on 26 May. The Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Region will celebrate its 50th anniversary with an extraordinary attempt to beat no less than 15 Guinness World Records! If all goes according to plan, you will see the biggest band in the world perform a special piece by Valencian composer Adam Ferrero.

Before that, the biggest marching bands parade in history, with members of the 549 musical societies in the region, will fill the streets of the city centre with music and colour, starting at 19:00h. Valencia will be a celebration, whether the records are beaten or not!

In Valencia, you may find music while sightseeing, particularly during the hottest months of the year. From 5 May until 2 June you could stumble upon free concerts in the streets and specific venues of some of the trendiest neighbourhoods such as Ruzafa or Benimaclet, as well as the historic centre. It is the Circuit de les Arts, part of the Festival de les Arts, where you can enjoy music from national and international groups such as Plan B, I am Dive or beGun.

If you go for a stroll along the Turia Gardens, you may find the best electronic music outside the Palau de la Musica. This year’s Palau Electronic programme includes free concerts at 17:30h on 16 June, 29 September, 27 October, 24 November, where you can dance to Funk, disco, afro-beats, pop and more.

At the City of Arts and Sciences, it is the students from the Valencian campus of the Berklee College of Music who entertain passers-by with their Lake of Concerts programme, which has become a classic in the Valencian calendar. Every Friday until 12 October (except August), at 20:00h, you can enjoy music of all sorts, from jazz to flamenco, performed on a special platform on the lake by the Science Museum.

At the other end of the Turia Gardens, this month you have the Concerts a Migdia performed on the plaza outside Bioparc. On 20 May, Namibian artista Elemotho will transport you to deepest Africa with his acoustic repertoire – note that this is a charity concert, so there will be a 5 € charge, with all funds allocated to nature conservation projects. On 27 May you can watch Valencian blues band, Maho, on a free concert from 12:30h.

If you prefer something a bit more intimate, how about a concert at one of Valencia’s excellent museums? The Museum of Fine Arts, for example, has a cycle of Microconcerts throughout the whole year, when you can admire specific works of arts while listening to live music from its period. Next opportunity is on 20 May, with medieval music played around the Passion Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch at 12:00h and 13:00h.

You can also enjoy classical music free concerts at the National Ceramics Museum on the last Monday of every month (except August), performed inside the majestic Marques de Dos Aguas Palace.

You can still catch the last concert of the current edition of Concerts a la Fundació at the Bancaja Cultural Centre, with a jazz performance by Barbara Breva on 25 May. And the University of Valencia also offers a programme of Spring Concerts at three outstanding venues such as the Botanical Gardens or the old University building.

And that is not all… Even the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) offers free concerts at midday every Thursday. You can watch choirs, orchestras or carol singers at the spectacular Salon de Cristal. Great music, right at the heart of Valencia!