The Gulliver Park: big fun feeling small

Public date: 
Wednesday 04 September 2013

gulliver1Valencia is a city full of unbelievable sites but not all of them can you climb up and slide down. A fascinating, hands-on port of call for visitors of any age should be the Gulliver Park. The famous literary work of fiction Gulliver’s Travels was the inspiration for this magical adventure park that lies at the heart of the Turia Gardens. It sounds like a story in itself: a giant lying in the old riverbed, surrounded by children (and adults) running, climbing and sliding on and around Gulliver. Anglo-Irish author Jonathan Swift’s stories of Gulliver started with the story of this traveller being washed up on the island of Lilliput. The small people who lived on the island came to learn to live with Gulliver, until the politics of the island made it a hostile place and he escaped on a boat. And so a playpark in the shape - and size - of a giant makes Lilliputians of all those playing on it.

This is a unique adventure park including a scale model of the city, surrounded by a minigolf course, a giant chessboard, tracks, skateboard area and lots of playground equipment. It is a quirky addition to things to see and do in Valencia. For its fun side, its fictional isle of Lilliput and its ability to make you feel like a Lilliputian, it’s hard to resist climbing on the giant Gulliver figure.