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The animals at Bioparc Valencia

The animals at Bioparc Valencia


The animals live together in the Bioparc as they would in nature, in groups of the same species co-existing in the same habitat. They are separated from one another by natural barriers such as rock, rivers, and bridges that are invisible to the visitor’s eyes.
Depending on which ecosystem we find ourselves in, we are able to see the different animals that live there.


In the African savannah, we’ll see zebras, impalas, blesbok, marabou storks, cranes, giraffes, lions, striped mongooses, exotic birds, African elephants, white rhinoceroses, etc… as well as the subterranean life that exists in anteaters' dens and African termite nests.


In equatorial Africa, the primates are the main attractions -- gorillas, mangabeys, monkeys, herds of bongos, forest buffalos, red river hogs, leopards, chimpanzees, drills, talapoins, pygmy hippopotamuses and sitatunga antelopes.


In Madagascar, we find seven different species of lemurs, including the highly-endangered grey bamboo lemur.

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