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Plans with children

Plans with children

Plans with Children
Learn all about dolphins and sea lions.

Do you know the difference between a seal and a walrus, what dolphins eat, or where sea lions live? With the Animalia Passport, you can gain first-hand knowledge of these friendly animals and learn all their handlers’’ secrets. This activity for the whole family takes place in the Oceanogràfic every weekend.

Animalia Passport: Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 am at the Oceanogràfic.

Oceanogràfic Tickets

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Kiddies Corner.

Daily activities at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum.
Click here to see the list of activities

Welcome to Life is a giant incubator where every 10 minutes or so cute little chicks hatch from their eggs. Plumitas, the Kiddies Corner’s cartoon mascot, is a friendly virtual creation which communicates directly with the children through a large screen to explain what they will find in the Corner and what games they are going to play.

Entrades Museu de les Ciències

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Have you ever slept amongst sharks? Experience a night full of adventures with your friends, parents or school at the Oceanogràfic!

The Oceanográfico offers you the chance to sleep amongst sharks and experience a night full of adventures with your friends, parents or school. After having dinner and taking part in an activity, you can fall asleep in the Océanos Tower, where you’ll see species such as the bull shark, the grey reef shark, the sword fish and the ocean sunfish.

This activity offered by the City of Arts and Sciences is aimed at schools as well as groups of friends with young children and families who want to try out a special and unique experience with their children. What’s more, the next day you can see the rest of the aquarium with the option of also visiting the Science Museum and watching a screening at the Hemisfèric.

Do you want to feel like a Knight or a Princess?

We’ll have a great time dressed up as knights and princesses as we take a tour of the palatial buildings of Valencia, starting with the Serranos Towers, followed by the impressive Cervelló Palace and ending up in Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, where we’ll discover how the royalty of Valencia once lived.

The stories and curiosities of these places are explained in a way that allows children to learn while they have fun. Together, we’ll learn how people used to live, as your children learn the history of Valencia and enjoy themselves with other children in an environment full of fantasy and fun.

Get ready to enjoy yourself!!!!

Take a tour on the Bus Turístic.

Discover Valencia with the Bus Turístic’s two routes: the historical route, where you can learn how the city has evolved from its origins to the current day, and the maritime route, which will take you to the Juan Carlos I Royal Marina, the City of Arts and Sciences and our beaches.

What’s more, with the 24 hour or 48 hour tickets, you can get on and off the bus and change routes as many times as you like.

Valencia Bus Turistic Tour

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The Tin Solder Museum.

From the dinosaurs to the Iraq War, via Alexander the Great, Egypt, Imperial Rome and the Middle Ages of Tirant Lo Blanch, this museum offers a tour of Spanish history through its royal guards and depictions of an exceptional Corpus Christi procession, the pre-Columbian civilisations, the Carlist Wars, the Spanish Civil War and recent international conflicts.

In short, it provides a true journey through the history of the world and Spain in particular for young and old alike, without forgetting the everyday-life and temporary collections.

Place: The Tin Soldier Museum. Calle Caballeros, 20-22

Tickets for the Tin Soldier Museum

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Mestalla Tour VCF.

At Mestalla, you can experience the excitement of first division football with Valencia CF. Visit the changing rooms, the pitch, the bench and the Press Room where the players give interviews.

Mestalla Tour

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