Witness Water Court at Plaza de la Virgen

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water court bigEvery Thursday at midday, a one thousand year old tradition takes over the Plaza de la Virgen.

This is the meeting place for the Tribunal de Las Aguas – the Water Court. Made up of eight democratically elected farmers wearing black shirts, they hear disputes over water use.

To hear the disputes, the members of the tribunal sit in a circle on wood and leather 17th century chairs. The use of the irrigation systems by Valencian farmers has been regulated in this way since Jaime I and the tribunal is now world famous for the speed and efficiency with which each problem is dealt with.

A crowd often gathers to witness this court in action, notably tourists and students.

The only time the session doesn’t sit on a Thursday is when there is a public holiday, in which case the court meets the preceding Wednesday.

For a map of the area, click here.

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On June 26, 2013
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