Valencia’s Bullring Hosts the 10th Edition of “Oktoberfest”

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Beer, gastronomy and German culture in the city of Valencia…

The famous festivity, Oktoberfest, lands in Valencia with hundreds of barrels to distribute its famous beer. If you are a person who enjoys travelling, a beer lover, and loves to get to know new cultures, then this is a festivity you cannot miss!

It is well known that the German city of Munich is the home of Oktoberfest.  But, do  you know how and why it started?

Well, it started with the wedding celebration between a barbarian prince and his fiancée. After the royal alliance, five days of festivity were given to the inhabitants, ending with a horse race out of Munich.  The significance was so big that the following year it was repeated.

However, the word itself comes from the German word “Oktober” which means October and “fest” meaning party.

So why is it not celebrated in October?

Well that’s quite simple: better weather creates a better mood to party, so it was moved to a time of year that could guarantee sunshine and heat.

Thanks to the company that organises the party, (, Valencian people have a date in the Bullring that cannot be missed. Here they get to taste the typical Bratwurst (German sausages) Bier (German imported beers) around the square centre.

So come along and spend a day in Germany without leaving Valencia!


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On May 1, 2015

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