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Big Wheel in Valencia: Limited Time Only

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A big wheel in Valencia is giving tourists the chance to see the city like never before. The Mirador Princess gives views from a different angle for a limited period only.

The Valencia big wheel is a new attraction is 70-metres-high and boasts spectacular views over 30km, rivalling the London Eye, the Cairo Tower and the Eiffel Tower for beauty from above.

The wheel is at the Avenida de Aragon until 30th March and has never been brought to the city before. See the video here.

It consists of 42 air-conditioned cabins, adapted for wheelchair entry and with space for 8 people per cabin. The cabins also have 20,000 LED lightbulbs for low energy consumption, allowing attractive and spectacular lighting effects.

It is named Mirador Princess because mirador means viewpoint, and it is exactly this it brings Valencia. The city has the Cathedral tower to peer down on urban life below but the wheel offers another vantage point entirely, situated beside the river and the movement of the wheel creating different perspectives, day and night.

If you want to see photos taken from the Mirador Valencia, go to the Mirador Facebook page where a competition is being held. Like the photos you think should win!

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On March 25, 2014

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