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Art lovers will relish the adventurous food and striking décor in this beautiful Valencia haunt. The techno-colour design scheme is steeped in extreme modernism with bright block colours, sharp lines and unique shapes that fuse to create a warm and stylish atmosphere. In fact, the design is so impressive that the restaurant has been featured in a number of design and interior magazines. And behind the scenes, Samsha is just as impressive.

pr_180The restaurant’s Head Chef, Victor Manuel Rodrigo, has worked at restaurants across Spain and was awarded the prestigious title of Chef of the Year at the eponymous contest that took place in Barcelona in 2012. The diversity of his experience is reflected in every aspect of his menu, which is distinctive as it draws inspiration from cuisines across the world; each dish reflects Rodrigo’s own take on global food.

Mouth-watering and memorable creations include deer with papaya seed sauce, papaya salad and mushrooms. Another favourite is the salmon with creamy peach and spiced wine sauce. Every single one of Rodrigo’s dishes is unique and imaginative, reflecting the wealth of experience that he gained before making the decision to open his own restaurant. Glowing reviews for Samsha have referred to the “artistic experience” of eating at this establishment, with dishes presented as if they are pieces of modern art; this pays well-deserved homage to the exquisite attention to detail that Rodrigo puts into every plate.

pr_170Yet it’s Samsha’s signature dish that is perhaps the most surprising– the bread. The menu offers 12 different types of homemade bread, from focaccia and ciabatta to naan, to ensure that every diner can have a piece that complements their meal. Coined the “hallmark” of the restaurant, this brings a lovely touch to an impeccable and memorable eating experience.


Phone: 96 389 19 02i


Address: Periodista Ros Belda, 4 46021 Valencia

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On February 6, 2015

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