Valencia by Moonlight

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moonlightDaytime temperatures in Valencia will reach 25 degrees this week so the warm and balmy evenings need to be made the most of. Here are a few suggestions for where to go and what to see by the glorious Valencian moonlight.

Old Town for Good Old Fashioned Nights Out
El Barrio de El Camen has long had a reputation as the place to go for night life. It has a great range of bars, restaurants and individual shops amid some well-preserved historic architecture. Food, shopping and drinks are all on the cards here.

The New Meeting Place
Ruzafa is Valencia’s new fashionable corner for spending spare time. Dotted with restaurants and galleries, its multicultural offering of restaurants and cultural events make it a popular place to head for a night out.

Sunset at the Marina
The Juan Carlos I Marina has seafront bars, looking out over the sea and sunset or over moonlight on the waves. It can be very busy with a lively atmosphere when sporting events such as the America’s Cup or the European Grand Prix are on.

Stroll Along the Seaside
The cocktail bars, evening markets and choice of places to try Valencian-born paella make Las Arenas beach worth a moonlit promenade. Close to the city and popular for events, there is always something to see or do here.

Authentic Valencian Wine Tasting
Wine production has been part of Valencian life for thousands of years. When the sun has gone down, a cool glass of the finest local wine will give you a real taste for the area.

The city lights up beautifully at night, with various venues including the Oceanographic opening for late night visits. To find out more, keep an eye on

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On April 11, 2013

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