Tomatina: 140.000 kilos of tomatoes are thrown away in the most International Party

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One of the compulsories stops when you visit Valencia in summer is Buñol, scenary of colour, happiness and joy.

Last Wednesday of August, the municipally trebles his population, and thousands of tourists of the whole world come to Buñol. It was declared in 2002 “Municipality of International Tourist Interest” to celebrate this singular holiday.

But, how did this party arise? Everything began in 1945, with a parade of Giants and Pigheaded organized by the people of the town. In this parade members of the procession were parading showing grotesque heads. Suddenly, some boys decided to join in a spontaneous way and to take part in the party.

The participants denied them the access to the parade and the boys get angry starting a singular fight: throwing tomatoes taken from their home and the battle started. In the 50´s tomatoes were throwed away to the participants and non-participants in the parade, and the party began!

Nowadays, this holiday attracts thousands of tourists, in with the students of the  Spanish schools of Valencia (  give the opportunity to this students to participate including the party into their activity program. 2 years ago to improve the security of the participants, tickets can be obtained in any of the Spanish schools which participate in the party.

The students take part with great enthusiasm in this awaited party, carrying with them I his glasses of skin-diving (indispensable as the juice of tomato is very harmful to the eyes); his white vests (official clothes of Tomatina), and closed slippers (never old shoes to avoid inopportune slides).

This worldwide known party ( ) , attracts tourist from all the continents. To assist is necessary to buy the tickets beforehand, and if you are a person who likes to enjoy the summer to the limit don´t forget to go to the Tomatina´s Sound Festival during the same week.

You can book tickets and bus transfers for €55 per person at – and of course you can book accommodation and the Valencia Tourism discount card at

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On June 1, 2015

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