Things to do in Valencia in May

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vlcdesA design exhibition and a traditional four day festival are all part of the line-up for May. Decide which is your headline act and get your flight booked!

From Valencia With Design is a showcase for the work of more than twenty Valencian designers who are earning a glowing reputation for their projects. Pushing boundaries and collaborating with international brands such as AUDI, IKEA and MUJI, these designers exhibit at Las Naves Centre for Contemporary Creation until May 25th.

The Second Sunday in May is the festival of Our Lady of the Forsaken, who is a patron of the city. An important part of the festival is the carrying of La Peregina through the iron doors of the cathedral.

Corpus Christi – the ‘great festival’ – is held over four days. As a moveable feast, Corpus Christi falls on Thursday 30th May, with the procession taking place the following Sunday, 2nd June. It includes a solemn procession and a water fight, truly showing represents a cross section of Valencia’s cultural assets and traditions.

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On May 7, 2013
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