The World’s Largest Tin Soldier Collection

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detalle exposicionValencia’s Tin Solider Museum is much more than an impressive collection of 1 million figurines.

Museo L’Iber has the world’s largest collection of tin soldiers but it also has scenes a million miles – or years – away from front line simulation: tin dinosaurs, figures showing fashions and even royalty fill these displays.

Including specially commissioned watercolour backdrops, there is a dolls house feel to what is, in the main, a very visual historical record of events. The wedding of Queen Isabella, battles between Spain and Austria and world leaders line the rooms, as well as case after case of tin soldiers and toy figures.

This range and depth makes the venue a fascinating place to visit: it offers everything from the historically and politically accurate to the colourful and imaginative.

Built from a private collection inside a former palace, Malferit Marquis Palace, there is also event space and privately let apartments. The building itself is an example of gothic architecture.

For more information and a location map, click here.

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On July 3, 2013

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