The ‘Huerta’: Valencia’s Green Belt

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012_HuertaConservation is a topic at the heart of life in the green city of Valencia. The green belt of Valencia is a feature well worth looking out for as your plane descends in to land at the airport.

The green belt, called Huerta de Valencia, is the land of agricultural, cultural and heritage importance. It hugs the outskirts of the region, seemingly protecting the city from spilling too far from the sea.

The value of this land cannot be underestimated. It is these green areas that give Valencia its produce: oranges, raisins, oil and rice. Conservationists have fought long and hard to bring the surrounding regions to an understanding on how it must be cared for, insuring it delivers quality of life to everyone connected with it.

Known as Valencia’s market garden, it is one of only five more examples of Mediterranean Huertas in the World. It is the big sister of all the green spaces – parks, gardens and allotments – within the city.

Walking tours of The Market Garden of Valencia leave from Almàssera” metro station (Line 3 – red). There are a variety of walks but all require comfortable shoes.

The guide will talk visitors through the Museo de la Huerta, vegetable and tiger nut fields, irrigation channels, farmhouses, the Carraixet ravine and organic farming.A tasting session of local products may be included.
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On June 24, 2013
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