Starting Early in Valencia

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008_ Panor__mica arrozalHolidays are short so here is an itinerary to get you up and about at the break of day, to make the most of it.

Pack a lunch, drinking water and get your walking shoes ready for an early start.

6am: Get up early and head to La Albufera natural park to witness a magnificent sunrise. It will be cooler and calmer at this time of day and you will get to see it come to life as the wildlife is woken by the sun. Sunrise in the middle of August is around 7am.

albufera duck7am: A breakfast picnic, prepared from supermarket and deli goodies the day before, on a blanket or towel by the water of the natural park: it’s the ultimate way to do alfresco dining.

9am-11am: The walk along the Mediterranean forest of El Saler will open your lungs and raise your heart rate before the mercury gets too high.

12noon: With the heat of the midday sun you have the perfect excuse to stop at Mateu Restaurant and dig in to a paella. The much-loved rice dish was born in Valencia.

Playa de El Saler 12pm: Time to unroll your towel and lie in the sun or shade on the sand at El Saler beach. Never has there been a better time to indulge in a siesta, to recharge your batteries so you can make the day last even longer. Then it’s time for a dip.

5pm: Head back into the city, drop off your bags and freshen up before choosing a terrace to sit out on to write postcards or emails, enjoy a coffee and plan the evening.

7pm: As dinner is eaten late in Spain, a spot of tapas with a drink won’t ruin your appetite. Try crunchy broad beans or some grilled seasonal vegetables – typical and not too filling.

9pm-10pm: Had your eye on somewhere? Been comparing menus? See if it’s on the VLC Menu list, where special meals can cost as little as 15€.

11.30pm: Lights out! Back to your accommodation for a good night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge you have packed in experience to look back on once you get home.

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On August 6, 2013
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