Shopping in Valencia

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2013-07-09 11.43.20Shopping in Valencia can mean anything from buying a glamorous one-off designer dress to picking up unique ceramics as gifts or mementos.

Successful shopping in any city revolves around knowing where to go and what to ask for. To bring a winning shopping outing to your Valencia stay, you can hire a personal shopping guide. These suit a range of budgets and all will be a far more tailored experience than a traditional tour. Personal shopping tours have four main themes: Deluxe, Urban, Arts & Crafts and Gifts. Your guide will take notes on what you want to find, what sorts of shops and items you like, and plan a trip around the areas you are most likely to find your treasure. You can even visit the factories and designers in their workspaces. No need to worry you will end up stuck in a tourist trap!

2013-07-08 17.03.42Whether you want to feast your eyes on high-end Valencia, with its Louis Vuitton and sculpted handbags, or to discover names and labels you don’t see at home, inspiration can be found if you shop in a city you are less familiar with.  If you have a small budget but have a special occasion to buy for, a shopping tour will mean you can get an insiders’ insight on bargain hunting, instead of trawling through shops out of your price bracket.

As Marissa Gomez from Turiart Personal Shopper Tours says, “It’s not always about having a lot of money, it’s about finding that something special.”

Want to buy something you can’t get at home? The region is well known for its ceramics and as they come in many shapes and sizes and range from works of arts to kitchen staples, you can pack it in your suitcase or have it delivered home. Valencia has a great range of shoe shops and even has a specialist pet boutique, complete with outfits and furniture for furry friends. Depending on how you like to shop, you can book a guide to show you around the area, or one who will give suggestions on styles and tastes. You can also combine city tours with shopping.

2013-07-08 16.47.43The shops in Valencia sprawl through different districts, so there are numerous opportunities to stop for the traditional drink horchata, made from tiger nuts. You can stop at a café or, if your shopping time is of utmost importance, drink one at a stand, similar to the hot dog stalls in New York or traditional ice cream carts.
If you have more time, ask your guide to factor in a typical Valencian lunch of paella or seafood. There are many side streets and terraces where you can dine outdoors and recharge your batteries for the next round of shops.

For more information on booking shopping tours, click here.

If you would rather shop in a group, read our blog on the Valencia Shopping Tour.


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