Save whilst you sightsee in Valencia

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We all love a bargain and visitors to Valencia can currently save a huge 20% off the Valencia Tourist card and entrance to the city’s most popular attraction – the City of Arts & Sciences.

The combined card and ticket can be bought online at and now costs just €89.99 for two people for 48-hours or €97.99 for two people for 72-hours. This deal includes free public transport (including the airport train) across the city, plus access to the entire City of Arts & Sciences complex.

This futurist architectural masterpiece is the work of Valencia’s own Santiago Calatrava and is a real highlight of the city and one of the most visited places in the whole of Spain with over 27 million visitors since its inauguration in 2000.

The colossal structure houses an IMAX cinema (situated in the Hemisfèric), along with Europe’s largest aquarium, the Oceanogràfic with over 500 marine species; interactive educational exhibits in the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and the avant-garde opera house – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, as well the impressive l’Assut de l’Or bridge and the Agora, the main venue of the Valencia Open 500 tennis tournament.

There are plenty of other combined savings that let visitors see the best of what this fantastic city offers, at a substantial discount on buying tickets separate. For example visitors can combine the fantastic Bioparc with the Bus Turistic (offering two routes round the city) and the City of Arts & Sciences, with a combined ticket currently available for €65 for adults and €48 for children (up to 12 years of age), saving 5% off the usual price.

The Bioparc is a wonderful conservation project with more than 4,000 animals, from 250 species and is a magical place to visit. It’s built around the ‘zoo-immersion’ philosophy that aims to immerse visitors in a faithful re-creation of natural habitats. Visitors can easily spend half a day walking around this 100 hectare zoo – walking from the savannah to the forests of Madagascar and Equatorial Africa and see the amazing animal’s native to each habitat.

Lunch can even be eaten at a waterside restaurant overlooking the giraffes and elephants on the savannah with the rhythms of African music in the background. With Valencia’s hot sunshine and clear blue skies for much of the year you can almost make believe you are in Africa.

So if you are planning on visiting Valencia any time soon – make sure you go online first and check out the savings that can be made across the city. The less you spend, the longer you can stay!

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On February 8, 2013
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