Pottery in Valencia: the National Ceramics Museum

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Marqu_s de Dos Aguas_ Foto Pablo Casino 9Artfully decorated, fired and glazed ceramics can be found in every corner of Valencia.

From kitchen ware to interior design, ceramic tiles, bowls, plates and artworks can be seen across the region, from gallery to gift shop.

So why not make a trip to the Gonzalez Marti National Ceramics Museum – named after the collector who set it up – to find out more about the history, the process and the attraction?

The entrance to the Gonzalez Marti National Ceramics Museum is a fanfare in itself. Housed in a Rococco former palace, the museum is a fitting destination to present the region’s famed craft medium.

The 18th century Baroque architecture of the Ceramics Museum (located next to Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace) prepares you for the feast-for-the-eyes within: a kitchen that is floor to ceiling ceramics and a room of porcelain artwork, a carriage entrance complete with carriages and historic collections from Roman, Greek and Arab time. Contemporary pieces include ceramics work by Picasso.

Ceramic tiles in Valencia are often painted with flowers and country scenes and can be found on exterior walls and inside kitchens, on floors, ceilings, around nearly all fresh food stalls at the central market; it is part of the make-up of the area. Look out for the tiled market stalls at the central market for some pretty examples.

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On July 10, 2013

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