Planning Your Trip to Valencia with Travel Blogs

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One of the great things about planning your trip to Valencia is the planning, preparation and research and for that, there are numerous brilliant travel blogs and magazines to refer to.

Pages and pages of sunny Valencia pictures, stories of festivities and the dishes upon dishes of foods you must try…the to do lists you’ll make from all the blogs, websites and articles is endless!

We are starting a new series of travel magazine and blog reviews to help you gather information and add to the insight they can give visitors. First stop is Escapism Magazine.

Having a magazine to put into your handbag or pull out from the coffee table can feel like exactly that: escapism. There is also a website, and you can view the magazine online.

Escapism magazine holds regular sections like Head to Head – weighing up the pros and cons of two big draw cities in one country. They weigh up Sydney and Melbourne in the current edition viewable online. A similar quandary with Spanish cities might be Barcelona or Valencia, for which you can view their Winging It Valencia article.

Valencia is yet to make it into their Weird travel section – the tomato throwing festival in Brunol is not strictly part of Valencia, though it is a great place to stay and make the short journey to it; and Las Fallas – the festival of fire with the burning of effigies – is more wonderful than weird, we suspect. The Weird section can teach you about all the newest crazes across the world, like Owl Cafes in Japan (they still have Cat Cafes, too), and the lengths people go to just to live in the place you want to visit, like the huge mirrors placed above the Norwegian town of Rjukan to give it light despite its position in the shade of the mountains.

Take a look at the advice Escapism gives about Valencia and think about the scenes you could add to its amazing Snaps section for photos from around the globe.

For more information and to book travel or accommodation go to the Visit Valencia website.


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On April 22, 2014

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