Out of this world: space adventures in Valencia

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Prepare for blast off with some amazing space adventures in Valencia! This summer, Valencia’s Science Museum has an abundance of space adventures and the chance to go on an epic space voyage…

Zero gravity

The dazzling ‘Zero Gravity’ exhibition, which was created jointly with the European Space Agency (ESA), visitors will be able to travel deep into space with a unique combination of showcases to explore the concept. A collection of previously unpublished space images will be on show alongside a platform which details the most exciting space missions currently being undertaken by the ESA – there will be the chance to explore the solar system and deeper space, looking at how ESA use satellite communications and navigation, their observation of the Earth and meteorology – the study of the atmosphere.

Exquisite photographs of stars, planets, and galaxies taken by the renowned Hubble space telescope will also be shown while kids will be enthralled to learn all about large space telescopes – how they work and the many ways in which they can help us enhance our understanding of space exploration. An interactive room features moving images of space with surfaces covered by mirrors to enhance the feeling of infinite distance.

Spaced out

Elsewhere, a projection room offers the visitor an opportunity to voyage into the unknown and experience the feeling of flying through space, surrounded by moving images taken on real-life missions undertaken by ESA to gain a very special view of the universe. Presented in a fun and interactive format throughout, visitors of all ages will be enthralled by this exhibit which also offers the chance to discover the phenomena generated by the sun and how these affect life on Earth.

With a part of the showcase devoted to 1.4 scale models of ESA space rockets, there will be the chance to really explore the intricacies of the spacecraft and discover how they are used to transport satellites or transfer astronauts and materials from Earth to the International Space Station (ISS). A study of the artificial satellite Cluster and its model replica will help us all to understand how scientists locate new planets in our universe.

The next station is…

And that’s not all the Science Museum has in store this summer. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring an international space station, your dreams are about to become reality. The Space Academy has created its very own space station perfect for budding astronauts – it comes complete with movement simulation, a space laboratory and airlift that offers direct access to the inside of the space station. The intergalactic journey will be narrated by Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque, who will guide visitors through the steps that real-life astronauts take in their preparation before launch. With just eight people in each group, this thrilling experience has a personal touch and the chance to get up close to the buttons, switches and machinery that real spacemen use. At just €2,50 per person, it appears that space travel really has got cheaper!

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On August 7, 2014

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