My Valencia: Soledad Giménez, Singer

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We spoke to singer Soledad Giménez about her close relationship with Valencia:

Would you say that your songs have a Mediterranean feel to them? What aspects of this city have influenced your music?

I think that the really special light there is in the Mediterranean influences our character and of course the way we approach life, as it does our creativity.Valencia influences in many ways, it’s a city where you can live without getting too stressed, and of course this aids your work because life here is pleasant and convenient.

How would you define Valencia? 

By its climate, its size and its people.

What would you say a foreign visitor should not miss out on when they visit our city?   

In the city centre, a walk around the baroque art of the city, the Barrio del Carmen, the Botanical Gardens, the Beach and of course the park in the River Turia and the area around the City of Arts and Sciences, especially the Oceanographic. And on the outskirts, I would say a visit to the Albufera at sunset.

Have you any special anecdote or memory related to the city?  

Well, many, I’ve been living here for 30 years, and my two children are Valencian. I have many happy memories, and a few sad ones too, but above all the fact that my kids were born here will always remind me of this city.

If you had to make a broad highlight about Valencia, what would it be? 

Its light, its convenience, and of course its marvellous people.

What’s your favourite place to go for a walk? 

The gardens of the Turia.

And a place to lose yourself?

The Jardines de Monforte.

When is the best time to visit Valencia? 

Spring, when all of Valencia smells of orange blossom and the evenings are beautiful.

What would you always pack in your suitcase to remind you of Valencia?

An orange blossom!

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On September 6, 2012

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