My Valencia: Álex Vidal, Fashion Designer

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His career spanning over 35 years has taken place among patterns and seams, first at the Bluemarine and Valentino studios and then by creating his own brand, Álex Vidal. At present this Valencian is one of the most renowned designers on the national stage and has turned Valencia’s Fashion Week into the country’s second most representative catwalk.

What would you highlight about Valencia in the blink of an eye? 

It’s a modern city full of art and fashion.

What makes it unique and what is its potential?

It’s unique because of its light and its sea. Its potential is its people, its culture and the combination of its ancient traditions with the new. My favourite place to go for walks is without a doubt next to the sea, but I think the most special neighbourhood is Ciutat Vella.

Do you have any special anecdote related to the city?

Being so small, but having grown so much in such a short time, people say hello to each other on the street because we know each other.

Which aspect of  the city inspires your work most?

Its light, it’s reflected in all of my designs.

What would you highlight from Valencia’s Fashion Week?

It has become the second national catwalk in no time.

What makes it different from other cities?

The character of the Valencianos.

What would you tell world travellers so they chose Valencia as a destination?

That it’s the most innovating city in Spain.

What would you put in your suitcase to remember Valencia?

A bottle with sea water, a picture of a sunset and a litre of horchata.

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On August 22, 2012

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