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Modern Art in Valencia: Soak Up The Culture

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Modern art in Valencia has its very own home in the Valencia Institute of Modern Art, or IVAM. There has never been a better destination for travellers wanting to soak up some culture, as visitors will find with the latest exhibition.


Until 6th January 2014, the exhibition Tea with Nefertiti examines how art and images help to create cultures. The exhibition at the IVAM, curated by Sam Bardaouil Till Fellrath covers three perspectives: through the eyes of the artist, from the point of view of the museum or exhibition and the public sphere and the mass media. 

The exhibition at the IVAM looks at how each work of art, no matter how different to look at, began with the same intention, as an expression of the artist. The exhibition of artworks adds more layers of meaning, the curators suggest, and if the artwork becomes a subject of public interest and acquires an iconic status, it can become a symbol of collective cultural identity or political project.


Tea with Nefertiti illustHorus_Anubisrates how an artwork can acquire different meanings when viewed from these perspectives, helping the formation of a narrative through which the image of a culture is built.


For more information on this and forthcoming exhibitions in Valencia’s Institute of Modern Art, visit the IVAM website and the Visit Valencia website, where you can also plan your trip.

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On November 29, 2013

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