Leopards, lions and elephants: meet the locals in Valencia

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DSC_0036Immersing yourself in Valencian life means meeting some of the locals. How about the leopards, lions, giraffes, gorillas, ostriches, elephants and all their friends living at Bioparc?

The impressive collective of animals live side-by-side at the forward-thinking zoo which employs the concept of zoo-immersion: immersing the visitor completely in wild habitats. It makes for an engaging experience for visitors and a happy lifestyle for the residents.

Zoo-immersion is a philosophy and design technique. The natural habitat of each of the animals is carefully and faithfully copied so the vegetation and landscape form a setting they are happy with and that invites the visitors to discover the complexity of the natural ecosystems surrounding them. The barriers are hidden, giving a sense of continuity between the enclosures and the space that the public occupies. This is made safe by using natural barriers, such as water and wetlands, windows and glass walls to separate certain animals from each other and from the public. Particular attention is paid to how the animals like to socialise, and who would be happy living next to who.

The landscaping plays a very important part. By giving them a natural-feeling home, each species can be at ease to live happily. A team of biologists interpret the behaviour of the animals and a team of vets follow a set of protocols to ensure their health and wellbeing.

Focused on conservation and education, the zoo acts as a giant outdoor classroom, complete with interaction to help visitors learn how the environment needs to be preserved for the good of all species. The zoo even takes part in captive breeding programmes for species in danger of extinction.

You can print your tickets to the Bioparc directly from the Valencia Tourism website by visiting: http://shop.turisvalencia.es/en/tickets-to-tourist-attractions/bioparc.

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On April 9, 2013

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