Immerse Yourself in an African Expedition at the Heart of Valencia

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Bioparc Valencia - familia observando al leopardoBioparc Valencia has got people talking and one thing you are likely to overhear is how close you can get to the 250 different species living at this progressive zoo.

This feels like an African expedition. It is a fine example of zoo-immersion in action: the visitors feel like they are walking through the natural habitat of elephants, gorillas, hippopotamuses, lions and many more animals, and the animals feel comfortable in their surroundings.

3-08 029bFrom plants to hidden barriers, the flow between public pathway and animal enclosure is designed sympathetically across four replica African ecosystems: Savannah, Madagascar Island, Equatorial forest and Wetlands.

So how have the people behind the Bioparc got the balance right? They work with three main values in mind: Conservation, education and sustainability.

Bioparc Valencia actively supports organizations dedicated to the conservation of the nature and in particular in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), which operates with the philosophy that preservation of a species’ habitat is essential to save that species.

IMG_1417bThe parc itself is seen as a 10 hectare outdoor classroom for striving to increase awareness, particularly in children. As well as focusing on nature, it blends interactive teaching techniques with practical applications that will engage the visitors. It also has two indoor classrooms to support practical teaching in the habitats.

The sustainable design of Bioparc Valencia shows a commitment to energy saving, recycling and uses ecologically sound technology, including solar panels for water heating.

Sound like just the kind of zoo you and your family will love? You can print your tickets to the Bioparc directly from the Valencia Tourism website by visiting:

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On July 31, 2013
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