Fun-filled nights at the Oceanogràfic

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How do you fancy visiting the largest aquarium in Europe in the dark of the night, surrounded by some of the most colourful marine life known to man? With Oceanogràfic Nights returning to Valencia once again this month, now you can do exactly that…

 Down where it’s better, down where it’s wetter

From 17 July until the last day in August,the ever-popular Oceanogràfic Nights will return to the City of Arts and Sciences. The aquarium will stay open until midnight for the duration of the event, offering the opportunity to witness the fish in all their natural glory and see they really get up to after dark.204436_DSC_4880GALERIA3

By day the aquarium is a fascinating sight – using 42 million litres of sea water, architects have created a reproduction of the major seas across the planet including the many species of marine life that live in our oceans. The aquarium’s waters are home to more than 45,000 animals, including many childhood favourites such as sealions, penguins, dolphins, jellyfish and starfish. And when the sun goes down, the aquarium becomes bathed in a new and mystical atmosphere that puts another exciting edge on this voyage of underwater discovery.

Take a wander around the tropical oceans of the Caribbean and the chilly surrounds of the Artic and Antarctic regions, where you can visit an igloo inhabited by belugas. One of the aquarium’s highlights, the Oceanos Tower, is especially magical by night. This underwater passageway is surrounded by glass walls, meaning that the sharks, rays and schools of fish will swim right around you, even above your head!

A dazzling display

One of the most exciting features of the Oceanogràfic Nights is the LLUM spectacle, which will be held every night in the Dolphinarium at 10.45pm. In honour of the United Nations declaring 2015 the International Year of Light, this event takes visitors on a journey through the evolution of this resource. In a stunning display that combines dolphins with a professional team of synchronized swimmers, the spectacle celebrates the phenomenon of light in new and exciting ways.

This is a truly dazzling nighttime show during which visitors can discover the valuable role that light has played in the evolution of humankind, as a source of warmth, food and safety. The show has also been designed to promote the values of sustainability, respecting the environment and preserving light in our modern, technology-hungry world.

204441_20090716_6080-fichaGWith both the inside and exterior of the Oceanogràfic illuminated in the dark of the night, visitors will also really get the chance to really appreciate the aquarium’s stunning and unusual design, which comes from celebrated architect Felix Candela.

Tickets for Oceanogràfic Nights include a visit to the aquarium and the LLUM show, and cost just 22 Euros for adults. There are also special reductions (for those who qualify) and for groups, so that those of all ages can enjoy this wonderful experience. http://bit.ly/1KjlfTZ


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On July 21, 2015

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