Delicious flavours in small portions

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Going out on any tapas route is like going on a treasure hunt: discover the most delicious flavours in small portions so that with only one bite we can already say whether we’ve found it or if we have to keep on searching.

From west to east, from north to south, Valencia is overflowing with charming, traditional, designer-style or urban places to eat. Starting with restaurants over 100 years old and renowned for their taste in selecting the finest local produce, moving on to more innovative concepts or the revitalization of traditional spaces.

Located in the city centre, there are great gourmet spots in the city. They tantalise us with their selection of cured hams and sausages, anchovies, choice tuna cuts and most traditional wines… selecting your banquet in those supermarkets of delicacies will be a difficult choice.

On the Mediterranean Sea, the terraces offer some of the best views of the endless beaches and a delicious selection of tapas and seafood dishes seasoned with great taste.

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On July 31, 2012
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