Corpus Christi, 7th-10th June

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One of the key factors for many when choosing a city break in Europe is a rich and authentic culture. Traditional events are an attractive draw for these people, and they will be interested to know that Valencia is the place to see the feast of Corpus Christi celebrated.

Processions through the city are a traditional part of this religious festival and mark the importance of the Body and Blood of Christ to the Church. Onlookers, religious or not, will be impressed by the grandeur of some parts of the event compared to the solemnity of other parts. Corpus Christi takes place over four days, 7th-10th June.

The festival dates back to the 14th century and Valencia celebrates with concerts and short, open-air theatre pieces, exhibitions of the ceremonial  carriages known as “Rocas”, a parade — the Cabalgata del Convite — bursting with dance, music and colour, and a solemn procession.

For the full calendar of events in the Corpus Christi celebration, go to

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On June 1, 2012

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