Cabecera Park – Where Rivers Meet

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cabecera8Cabecera Park is where the old Turia River bed meets the diverted river: a place where history, nature and modernity merge.

The park was designed as part of a project to join the natural channel of the Turia – the course of which was diverted after a disastrous flood in 1957 – with the artificial channel.

While a length of riverbed was turned into open space, Cabecera Park has particular importance in recognising the city’s history and as such, it makes water a major feature.

cabecera2It contains an open-air auditorium where you can see live performances, a bar and play areas for children and is a perfect spot for a boat trip. It is divided into sections. Section 1 is a viewpoint or ‘mountain’ – a hill which makes a great place for scenic photographs; Section 2 which is Mediterranean riverside woodland, Section 3, which is the Bioparc, and a 4th section which will be a privately run amusement park.

The Bioparc has 250 different species living at this progressive zoo and keeps barriers hidden, so the separation between visitors and animals is almost imperceptible. Cabecera Park is a great place to picnic or just to let the kids run wild after getting close to some many exciting animals.

If you make a point of seeing the transformed riverbed from start to finish, you will notice how wide open this part feels. The deliberate attempt to seamlessly merge the structured and high-sided riverbed upstream with the broader Cabecera area, opening onto the new Turia, makes this transitional in design, with woodland areas replicating the typical environs of Mediterranean rivers.

For a map of the area, click here.

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On October 3, 2013
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