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albufera1On the doorstep of the city there are areas of great natural beauty, and a visit to Valencia is incomplete without experiencing the splendour of the countryside and coastal zone.

It’s well worth taking a trip out of the city to its surrounding towns and villages. A few kilometres to the north of the city is the Monasterio del Puig – Puig Monastery), where the visitor can feel the medieval atmosphere of the conquest of Valencia in the time of King Jaime I. Further to the north is the Castillo de Sagunto (Sagunto Castle) which dominates the town full of the vestiges of former wealth including the ruins of a Roman theatre and the remains of the Jewish Quarter..

Close to Sagunto, only 25km from the city of Valencia, is the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, a nature reserve on shores of the Mediterranean which is a must-see for its flora, fauna and nature.

If you have a little more time a visit to any of the neighbouring villages such as Cullera, Xàtiva, Requena, Lliria and Gandía, etc., will leave unforgettable memories of wonderful food and the authentic experience of Valencian culture. And, of course, Valencia is connected to both the north and the south with a wide range of tourism opportunities all along the coast of the Valencian Community.

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On May 20, 2013

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