Apps to make your holiday in Valencia even better: Foodspotting

Apps to Make Your Holiday in Valencia Even Better: Foodspotting

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A new series of App reviews will help you use technology to enhance your holiday in Valencia.

Few travellers who have a smartphone or tablet would go on holiday without it – they are just too useful! Here is our second app review, this time on Foodspotting, to show you have to use your trusty piece of technology to make your holiday in Valencia even better.

In such a food-centric destination, make sure you try Foodspotting – an app which seeks out specific dishes rather than restaurant reviews. This is a foodie traveller’s dream come true, complete with visuals, and the app is free.

Foodspotting – which is free to download on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone – is an ideal app for a holiday in Valencia, with endless opportunities to put it to use, whether you want to most authentic paella or most novel tapas.

The focus of the app takes attention away from the cacophony of things normally bustling for attention when choosing somewhere to eat – from the décor to the number of diners – and gets right to the heart of the matter: the food.

The app is aimed at positive dining experiences and negative reviews are not allowed, so you will only see recommendations for things dishes that have left people happy. Since launching Foodspotting in January 2010, over 2.5 million foods have been spotted around the world. To find great meals near you, enter your location and pic a restaurant to see what has been spotted there. You can also search for a dish you have heard about or want to try again, or for something you are craving. There are regular users to follow for tips and you can mark foods with ‘want’, ‘tried’ and ‘loved’.

When you have found a dish you want to tell the world about, upload a photo or add your ‘loved’ comment to an existing image. If you use Instagram, you can link up to it by tagging your photos with #foodspotting and include the location. When you have got the hang of it, you can become an expert by spotting five or more foods in the same category, and earn reputation points for making quality contributions to the community.

For more information on holidaying in Valencia, go to the Visit Valencia website.

Valencia has a free VLC Valencia app to help you find your way around the city during your visit. You can download it here.


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On June 9, 2014

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