A Celebration of all things Pixar

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bannerprincipal   Get ready to bring out your inner child as the Pixar Exhibition has come to Valencia, and it’s better than you can possibly imagine…

Animated adventures

Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences is already one of the region’s most popular attractions and this summer, it has something even more special, in the form of the Pixar Exhibition. Pixar’s skill, techniques and stunning technological actividad02expertise have seen their films break new ground in Hollywood and leave a legendary mark. The exhibition is celebrating 25 years of Pixar, with a series of exhibits and mementoes that tell the fascinating story of the work that has gone into creating these groundbreaking films. Those of us who grew up with Disney films will especially appreciate the incredible impact that Pixar has had on the film industry, while kids of all ages are sure to love this fun-filled exhibition all about their favourite films.

The greatest story

The exhibition covers all aspects of the Pixar story, from the educational side to the final product. True to form, the exhibition contains plenty of visual stimulation, with original drawings, storyboards and 3D models of the characters as well as sketches, paintings and sculptures created by the artists who were there when the stories began. These objects illustrate and explain the detailed creation process behind every film in a colourful and exciting way, with a genuine look behind the scenes. The Educational Zone offers a great way to interact with the Pixar adventure. Visitors take on the role of a professional animator and create their own story, all the while learning about the 99 facial expressions that have been used for their best-loved characters. Enthusiastic tour guides will explain just why Pixar has been so successful and how the company and the exceptional talent at work has changed the face of the animated film industry.

actividad03Fantastic films

The Hemisfèric’s IMAX cinema will be showing the best Pixar films ever made with a one-week cycle given to each. From 4 July, you can enjoy the underwater adventures in Finding Nemo and from the 11th July, travel into the world of the monsters with Monsters Inc. From July 18, take an action-packed journey with Cars while the following week (July 25) it’s superheroes galore with The Incredibles. Animal magic comes in the form of Ratatouille, will be shown from August 1st, followed by sci-fi style robot adventures with Wall-E from August 8th. Finally, during the week of August 15th you can watch the much loved Up and follow the high-flying adventures of an elderly balloon salesman.

Need to knowactividad05

The exhibition is running until 30 August 2015 and is open every day from 10am until 21.00. You can take advantage of many Pixar packages to enjoy the other parts of the City of Arts and Sciences, such as the Science Museum, or you can simply stay at the exhibition from morning until night to marvel at the wonderful animation and stories that Pixar has given us. http://bit.ly/1L38UTb.



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