A Cafe with a Difference

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It’s a brave venture to open up a café in Valencia – the city where it’s almost impossible to find bad food. As the birthplace of paella and with restaurants offering fresh seafood plucked straight from the Balearic waters, it’s no wonder. But the gastronomic landscape is a haven for adventurous creatives and one of the city’s brand new cafés is taking full advantage of this opportunity.


The café is based in Valencia’s Bioparc and offers not only great quality food but also an interesting, highly original conceptual experience designed around the theme of “Food and More.” The Bioparc has been founded on its own unique concept of ‘zoo-immersion’. This means that is not just a place where you can visit the wild animals but also an opportunity to witness them in an environment “without barriers” and one that has been created to resemble surroundings as close to their natural habitat as possible.

 Healthy creatures

The Bioparc Café provides an extension of the values of the park itself, with every aspect of its conception based around environmentally friendly values. The warm rustic design scheme takes in tables and chairs which have been made with reusable materials, while the paintwork uses only natural colours and treatments, creating a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

The menu is full of tasty options, including the standard salad, hamburgers, pizzas and sandwiches but it also offers a twist that parents will love, with each dish designed to teach kids the habits of healthy eating in a creative style. Icons indicate those foods that are rich in fibre, meat-free, healthy or high in energy – good for a bit of sustenance to keep the kids going while exploring the Bioparc. Younger kids will have their food served on tablecloth that doubles up as a colouring book, and an educational colouring book too, where they can learn all about the food pyramid.

Outdoor adventures

In the traditional nature of the Bioparc, the fun times are by no means restricted to the indoor area. The café’s playground features some great drawings of animals that the kids will love, while the entire outside area is designed in the style of an African village complete with mud huts. This is a great way for the kids to enjoy an adventure and another way for them to learn about the environment in a fun way, as the structure has been built using entirely reused, recycled materials and energy-saving methods.

The Bioparc café is located in the entrance to the attraction, meaning that you don’t need to pay entry into the zoo every time the kids fancy a meal! The café will be open during the summer between 12 noon and 4pm on weekends and holidays. It’s super popular so if you fancy making a reservation in advance for your kids and their friends, just call 961868681 to book a table.


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On July 27, 2015

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