Page 9 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                                             Plaza del mercado

The pedestals are lined up diagonally on the facade, while
the frontispiece is decorated with volutes, clustered foliage
forms, and pommels, giving the central sculpture of the
Virgin an undulating rhythm. The decoration is completed in
the interior with the vaulting painted in frescos by Antonio
Palomino, completed in 1703.
Detail of the upper section of the
bell-tower. The top of the tower
was the product and extension
of the baroque remodeling of
the building. It is located at the
chancel end of the church, and
aligned to the missal stand side
of the altar. The base is a square
section topped by an octagonal
structure. This is complemented
by four rising pinnacles resting
on the vertices of paired, fluted
pilasters which strengthen the
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