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                                                                 Detail of the ceiling of
                                                                 the Chapter House

Plaza de Tetuán

Cloister of St

originating in the 14th century, with cross rib vaults and fine
tracery work opening out to the garden. The main enclosure
is the Chapter Room with funiculus columns and vaulting
probably preceding the work of the Silk Exchange.
Also integrally preserved from its original is the King’s
Chapel, so called because construction was initiated
under King Alfonso V the Magnanimous in 1431, although
finished by his brother and successor, Juan II in 1463.
It is exceptional for its ribless three-section vaults, the
first two of which are oblong, and the third, over the
hexagonal apsidal presbytery, an unprecedented work by an
anonymous artist with whom only the more familiar names
of Francisco de Baldomar, Miguel Navarro and other
contemporaries can be related.
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