Page 73 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                Plaza de la Virgen

Cathedral Dome

with wide windows kept in place by a varied combination
of open tracery work, and closed off with diaphanous
alabaster plaques, true “stones of light” that filter out the
powerful Valencian sun.
It was decorated in the 15th century by the master architect
Llobet. The pendentives are decorated with the figures of
the four Evangelists, the work of the Valencian sculptor
Ignacio Vergara, put in place in the 18th century.
Crowning the Apostles’ Door is some fine tracery work with
figures (restored in 1960) above which is the beautiful rose
window known by the name of Solomon’s window because
of its Star of David – two interlinked equilateral triangles
framing diverse traceries perforated by polychrome stained
glass windows, a modern imitation of the originals.
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