Page 7 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
P. 7

Detail of Palomino’s frescos on the  7
domed ceilings of the Basilica.

                                     Diego Martínez de Urrana
                                     Plaza de la Virgen

Work began in 1700 on a vaulted interior with a fresco by
A. Palomino. This involved covering the inside of the dome
with fragile vaulting to turn the original wall into a support for
the dome (see detail).
Halfway through the 18th century, it was adapted to the
reigning neo-classical style (with the characteristic “giant
orders”) by the architect Vicente Gascó, fellow of the San
Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He also modified the
lady chamber and the reduced crypt known as “la coveta”
(little cave).
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