Page 67 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                                             Pere Compte
                                             Plaza del Mercado, 8-9

The tower, with an exceptional staircase, serves as the
central point from which to access the annex built in 1238
to contain the courtroom known as the Consulate of the
Sea, and the exchange and deposits bank founded in 1408.
Both wings are enclosed by a garden that completes the
complex to form a perfect rectangle.

                                     Spiral staircase located in the
                                     interior of the Lonja building’s
                                     tower. It is called an eyeless
                                     or newel-less staircase, as
                                     the steps jut out from the
                                     cylindrical wall to leave the
                                     central part hollow. This is
                                     an exceptional example of
                                     the complex stereotomies,
                                     or stone cutting works, used
                                     by 14thand 15th-century
                                     Valencian stonemasons.
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