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T4he Lma VoasletncviaisGióbtilcea example of the economic and cultural
strength of Valencia in the 15th century can be seen
in the magnificent collection of altarpieces made for
convents, parochial churches and rural temples, forming
part of a peculiar vision of the development of European
artistic currents, from the decline of Byzantinism down
to Gothic naturalism, as well as all the refinements of
the “international” style. These make up a collection of
works now preserved at the San Pío V Museum of Fine
Arts of Valencia called the collection of the “Primitives”,
according to the idea of valuing Renaissance trends as
the highest expression and all former trends as merely
incipient or initial. Nevertheless this definition is still being
revised, and today we preferably use the denomination
“Gothic painting”, an artistic heritage of incalculable
artistic value for the Valencian people.
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