Page 23 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                                         Gaspar de San Martín
                                         Plaza del Carmen, 7

The church was begun in the gothic style, but with
interruptions in the building process until 1628 when work
was resumed by the Carmelite friar Gaspar de San Martín.
The lines and entrance plans are by Gaspar de San Martín
and are formed by three sections: the lower, the central with
ionic columns and arched alcoves, and the upper part with
Solomonic columns.
The church was originally planned with an aisle and
diaphragm arches and wooden roofing. The presbytery is
vaulted with transepts.
The sculptures in the upper part are by Leonardo Julio Capuz.
Those in the lower part are the work of José Esteve Edo.
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