Page 15 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                                                   Juan Pérez Castiel
                                                   Catedral de Valencia
placed in the arches of the vaulting, interlaced with cupids
and reliefs which end at the keystone of the vaulting. The
cornice is decorated with angle brackets, ovolos, and
baroque forms.
The architectural order of pilasters and columns is
composed of carving on the column shafts. On both sides of
the doors, Solomonic columns were placed to support the
divided frontal. The Italian marble reliefs were set in 1688.
This is the first Valencian baroque presbytery. It was
proposed by Pérez Castiel and established a unique
prototype: Solomonic columns decorated with wreaths
festooning the column shafts, divided frontals with
segemented shells, embossed mouldings to bring outlight
and shadows, and ornamentation using foliage forms.
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