Page 13 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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Artists:             13
Francisco Stolf and
Francisco Vergara
Plaza de la Reina

The project was initially postponed, however, until 1713
when it was taken on by Francisco Stolf and Francisco
Vergara. The incorporation of a difficult concave variation
combined with splendid sculptural variety is a tribute to
architectural virtuosity. The architect Conrado Rodulfo
followed Bernini aesthetically and solved the compositional
problem of limited space and the proximity of the enormous
Miguelete bell-tower. Sculptors such as Vergara completed
the project. From the ornate group of angels surrounding
the insignia of Mary, to the glorifying Assumption of the
Holy Spirit, Valencian saints and popes contribute to the
triumph of the Virgin Mary and the Valencian Church from
their precarious pedestals and arched alcoves.
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