Page 11 - Baroque-Gothic-and-Modernist-Valencia
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                                 C/ Poeta Querol.
                                 Rinconada Federico García Sanchiz, 6

the craftsman commissioned to transform the building’s
severe look and turn it into a palace with an abundance
of balconies and stuccos painted with marbling effect, the
latter being the work of painter Luis Domingo. The front,
worked in “Niñerola” alabaster (from the owner’s quarry), is
a high-wrought and festive allusion to nobility completed by
an arched alcove which houses an image of Our Lady of
the Rosary.
Halfway through the 19th century, then the property of the
Dasí family, the building underwent further renovations,
especially the interior, the highlight of these being the
ballroom decorated by the Valencian painter José Brel
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